Would you like to turn back time to achieve a more youthful or attractive look? Although it isn’t possible to change the course of time, it is possible to reduce signs of aging and increase your beauty through cosmetic facial surgery. Dr. Crayton R. Walker performs cosmetic facial surgery in Salt Lake City, Utah, working with patients throughout the Greater Salt Lake area.

The services we offer are customized to the patient’s needs and are generally considered conservative in nature. To learn more about the treatments our dentist and team offer, check out the pages below:

Cosmetic facial procedures range from minimally invasive procedures to major cosmetic surgeries. The most minimal of procedures include injectable products like BOTOX® and dermal fillers. These two services can reduce signs of aging by minimizing the appearance of wrinkles and adding a youthful fullness to the face. Additionally, BOTOX can help with muscle function in the jaw for patients suffering from jaw clenching. BOTOX has also been proven to help patients who struggle with frequent migraines.

The more extensive procedures include chin and cheek revisions. Such treatments are beneficial for those who would like to enhance the appearance of their cheeks or chin. It can also help those who would like to decrease the prominence of their chin.

Regardless of the treatment you are seeking, our dentist will make sure you get personalized care that is right for your needs. Schedule your appointment with our team at 801-903-2558 today. We look forward to working with you!